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Unexplained Marks
Who's Doing it, Why, and How you can Help!


Cross-Hair Marks:

What We Know – What We Don’t Know


-- by Lynn Taylor

The scenario is always the same: Someone wakes up to find a strange, usually geometrical marking on their body that wasn't there when he or she went to bed.

After ruling out all logical and mundane explanations, we are left with a mystery as to how it got there. And after five years of digging for answers to these cases, we are no closer to finding concrete answers.

As to the question, "why?"

Simple logic suggests that these geometrical patterns were the result of skin contact with a physical object. The location of the markings (breast and shoulder area) further suggest an object or instrument with a specific capability and purpose. It is, therefore, easy to imagine that purpose to be medical in nature.

Photographs of these markings were examined by a radiologist who noted the physical location of the markings was in the same general area where a breast cancer patient undergoing radiation treatment would be marked for targeting of a gamma ray beam. He further commented that radiologists use a type of "magic marker" to affix targeting marks, and that the marks do not cause skin disruptions like the examples shown in the photos.

As it happens, one of my daughters underwent just this type of treatment. I have seen the markings that were applied by her radiologist, and they were obviously hand drawn with a magic marker, just as the radiologist had indicated.

So who is actually leaving these marks?

Some would say ETs, while others would point to the military (MILABs, or military abductions). I have even heard of some who attempt to ascribe some sort of demonic connection to these types of unexplained body markings.

Whoever the culprits are, it is certain that they possess the necessary technological capabilities to develop whatever devices that are being employed, and they are operating with a sense of purpose.

Your help is needed!

We need to amass a much greater body of evidence than we have at present, before we can even begin to make sense of this phenomenon. For that, we most assuredly need your help.

If you have, or know of someone who found a body marking that could not be explained, please contact us at the address below.

-- by Lynn Taylor


A considerable time has passed since we received our first cross-hair report. That was way back in 2005, and began in Great Britain, which remains one of the epicenters of cross-hair marks, to this day.

What is a “cross-hair” mark? Simply put, it is a mark that is shaped, literally, like the cross-hair patterns you might find in a gun scope for sighting a target. They vary somewhat in configuration; however, they usually consist of two lines that intersect at right angles, superimposed over one, two, or more concentric rings.

What we know:

Individuals, who find these marks on their bodies, usually discover them upon waking, showering, etc. To this date, no one has had any memories related to how the mark(s) got on their bodies. The marks usually last only a few days, then disappear, although, some have left a more permanent image that is lighter than the surrounding skin. There have been no reports of pain associated with the marks.

Since 2005, we have watched certain trends emerge. For instance, there seems to be genetic components among the individuals tested which point to the peoples of the North Atlantic. (Perhaps, you might want to be thinking, “Nordics.”)

We know that the marks are created by an instrument that places radio-frequency energy into contact with the epidermis, causing the skin to react.

We also know that a form of the cross-hair mark exists as part of a twenty thousand year old cave painting in Italy that has been dubbed, “The Spaceman.”

 What we donít know

What we don’t know about cross-hair marks is an almost infinite list, even after eight years of hard searching for answers. Since no one has had any memory of their event, we have no idea who the perpetrators are, or where they come from. Neither do we know the purpose of the marks, although logic does suggest they are the result of some type of testing or sampling process.

For the time being, that leaves us firmly stuck in a murky world of speculation. So right now, my gut feeling is about as good as anyone’s, and my gut is telling me that the cross-hair makers are either from another dimension, or they are utilizing inter-dimensional technology. Why? Because there have been zero witnesses of their means of entering and exiting the homes of those involved; no ships, no orbs, not even a donkey. Inter-dimensional technology is the only way to explain how someone can just pop in and pop back out without leaving a trace of evidence, other than the mark.

Further, if we accept that those responsible for the marks have been active on this planet for over twenty thousand years, then it is safe to conclude that they have been behind the scenes, monitoring us, and doing only God knows what else for a very, very long time.

Here’s another thought to ponder: There are no common elements between cross-hair mark scenarios and alien abductions. There is no paralysis, no floating through the walls, no little grey men, no ships, no balls of light, no nothing. This tells me that whoever these beings are, they are NOT your run-of-the-mill ETs! Now try and get your head around this: The cross-hair makers may be as far above ordinary Aliens, as the Aliens are above us. Therefore, it is conceivable that the Greys and the like, are completely unaware of the existence of the cross-hair makers, and that the cross-hair makers are the ones that are truly in charge of this planet and every living soul on it.

But like I said, this is the murky world of speculation, just covered with gooey things that can stick to your shoe. You have to be careful where you step in a place like this.


Unexplained Body Marks and Scars

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